Comprehensive Protection in Every Environment.

We strive to create a pleasant and healthy working atmosphere, by providing a real source of professional development with growth prospects, career plan and personal fulfillment in a stable and competitive environment throughout our company.

WSO recruitment, hiring, and training process are designed to comply with local laws and the most rigorous standards when it comes to choosing the best profiles based on the analysis and job description for each position. We provide security staff for the control of different processes and the safeguarding of people and facilities, ensuring full schemes for handling security-related operations with all our clients. We are ready to offer security personnel for different levels such as security officers, receptionists, supervisors, operators for control and monitoring center, industrial firefighters, coordinators and managers for different areas and projects.

The average profile of a WSO officer constitutes a guarantee for our clients as it incorporates well-trained individuals with the right attitude and whose characteristics and skills are focused on physical preventive security. WSO’s purpose is to develop consistent physical protection programs involving the safeguarding of people, assets, and facilities based on the best practices and corporate schemes.

We use new technologies to take our physical security programs to the next level

We employ surveillance standards that break current security paradigms by using the latest technology to reduce expenses, prevent losses, provide efficiency and streamline processes. We have the WSO-Track®, a process management tool that can be customized based on the needs of each security operation and monitoring in REAL-TIME for every security operations as well as other activities that require a certain level of surveillance and control. Some of the advantages of having the WSO-Track® is that you can supervise your operations whenever you want and in real time, some of the activities are:

  • To surveil your security forces in a remote and effective way
  • To validate and configure the implementation of activities through alerts
  • To localize the guards and staff via online at any time
  • To arrange and document patrolling or inspections of your critical assets or infrastructure
  • To generate operating instructions for each security post or asset
  • To manage online incident reports with embedded images, notes, videos and user signatures
  • To generate statistics and real-time event graphics for analysis
  • To arrange work schedules and working shifts
  • To control the flow of visits, vehicles, packages, and incoming mail
  • To control the entrance and exit of assets
  • To turn on the camera and the mic of the mobile phone
  • To remotely restrict access to the information in each device

Our main asset is our people, the experience, the strategy, the leadership and the commitment of those who are part of this life project

WSO also offers training programs tailored to the needs of each contract and client. We have national and international qualified instructors experienced in security training and available to provide support while drafting the most suitable professional development program for each need.

We implement training plans based on adjusted methodologies and key elements that ensure full training and a forward-looking approach using an online training platform that promotes professional grow at different organizational levels in large corporations in the United States and in other countries around the world offering a competitive advantage in terms of professionalism of the security personnel.

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