Services tailored to your needs

We develop smart solutions to offer our clients the latest in design and installation of electronic security projects improving physical structures; our reliable state-of-the-art equipment has proven quality and specialized technical support available.

Our qualified team allows us to provide you with solutions that can be tailored to your needs or requirements, we use using cutting-edge technology products supported by leading brands in the global market, offering you the best equipment for different security applications.

Our competitive advantages come from our partners in the Latin American business, allowing us to distribute technologies, share our expertise in the development of large and innovative security projects, handle emergency response protocols adequately and offer installed capacity for the sustainable growth of our portfolio. We specialized and provide qualified technical support that continuously updated with the latest technological advances in the security industry.

We offer reliable cutting-edge technology systems with an early warning for intrusion and threats that will give you the proper surveillance and protection to your home, company or institution. At WSO, we not only provide you a cost-effective security service and protect your properties and assets 24 hours a day, but also care for your peace of mind and work for you to get a permanent comprehensive service in line with your needs. Our operations team has both the appropriate level and the judgment to address and channel your security needs at any time, they are trained to manage any type of crisis and coordinate the adequate actions to restore your company operations with a secure condition. We are linked to different public security forces and risk management systems in all the countries where we operate. We have also assigned operations staff and units in strategic sites to respond to events that require assistance.

WSO has been described as a company supporting public security management by the 911 emergency response services in many countries, and it is directly connected to the Police Department, the Fire department and other security forces in charge of emergencies or criminal activities incidents with countless successful cases in our management.

Our platform and equipment offer the following advantages:

  • Permanent 24/7 security services for your property
  • Early warning in case of theft, robbery, fire, flood, etc
  • Permanent response together with security forces
  • Logging and control of access to your property
  • Emergency assistance
  • Intrusion risk mitigation
  • Criminal activity deterrence
  • Flexible configuration adaptable to each need and professional design
  • Cost-effective human “error-free” security systems
  • Peace of mind
  • Professional relocation in case you move
  • Remotely controlled using smart devices such as phones or tablets
  • It can be integrated with technologies such as CCTV and automation
  • Our state-of-the-art alarm receiver allows to combining integrated communication technologies
  • Our information systems have backup, protection, and proper redundancy in case of emergency

Home security system

We offer cutting-edge technology solutions for multiple applications

The services rendered by WSO provide an exceptional user experience when it comes to the remote control of security devices, energy, video and automation. Our video surveillance (CCTV) and access control projects are useful in many sectors including banking, transport, education, industry, commerce, government, diplomatic, and residential markets. The technologies offered by WSO maximize the efficiency and intelligence of each business by offering a wide range of solutions bringing the peace of mind to our clients and users.

The constant updating, training and certification of our staff in leading technologies in the global market allow us to integrate solutions using a wide and modern range of video cameras, recorders, physical security accessories and card readers for multiple applications.

WSO also offers the widest, most customizable and reliable solution for the tracking of vehicles, people, vessels or other tracking needs. We have a robust platform that can be fully operated from any computer or mobile device, and a variety of services, plans and accessories tailored to each need with coverage in every Latin American country and supported by secure servers.

WSO-GPS® equipment and services protect and monitor fleets, SMEs, people, vehicles, trailers, containers, critical freight, machinery, buses, aircrafts, vessels, caravans and multiple types of transportations. You can monitor and localize your critical freight through “spy devices” placed inside your goods, which allows you to know the location of the freight in case your your container be stolen or hijacked. WSO-GPS® equipment and services offer you versatility, camouflage and long autonomy without having to be recharged, which allows to locate and recover your freight due to the coordination activities carried out by our Operations Center.

The customizable features supported by WSO-GPS® are adjusted to each need, which results in unparalleled advantage in terms of service, affordability, and reliability. Our web platform allows clients to monitor their critical assets using multiple options, from any part of the world in the comfort of a mobile device.

WSO-GPS® platform offers many features including but not limited to the following:

  • Updated cartographic flexibility
  • Tracking frequency
  • Started-up/shut down vehicle alerts
  • Long driving-time alerts
  • Overspeed alerts (configurable)
  • History log available
  • Remote commands (ignition interlock and activation, door opening, etc.)
  • Circular, polygonal and linear geofences
  • Warning signals when the vehicle leaves the assigned route
  • Control and setting of speed limits in the perimeter
  • Configuration of customized speed perimeters per unit or fleet
  • Choose from 24 types of default reports
  • Configuration for sending automatic reports to several destinations
  • Formats of reports: PDF, EXCEL, XML, TIFF, CSV (COMMAS), HTML
  • Statistics and infographic reports: pie chart, bars, and progress lines
  • Alerts of overstay time in sites and delivery points
  • Alerts of excess time in the assigned route
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Black box recorder that holds 90 seconds before and 30 seconds after the impact
  • Document control
  • Vehicle maintenance management
  • Jammer defender
  • Interconnection and interoperability with Garmin systems, can bus OBD2 scanner
  • Online thermal control

We invite you to be part of this new experience in top-notch security and electronic protection solutions and services.

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