About Us

We are an international company focused on strategic corporate security. We have a comprehensive vision and a cutting-edge approach, and we are always innovating in the design and deployment of consistent and cost-effective programs aimed at identifying, controlling and managing risks in accordance with the nature of each business. Our professional team has a remarkable background, expertise and hands-on experience in the security sector; they are able to meet current demands through quick and easy-to-implement solutions.

Our purpose is to facilitate the operation of our clients, by ensuring them the continuity of their business through the fulfillment of security programs focused on the integral protection of the environment, the people, the assets, the corporate image and/or the reputation of their organization.

How we do it

We analyze the characteristics, needs, and typical culture of each organization to identify threats, assess their impact on their critical assets and reduce vulnerability in each key process. With the help of our team of certified professionals and supported by a management committee, we determine and manage the risks accordingly, then we draft and implement the most suitable measures aimed at undermining any action that might prevent the continuity of their operations or business.

Corporate Profile
Experience & Market Share

Why choosing WSO

10 reasons that support your decision and guarantee your peace of mind:

  1. We always look for the best professional human talents in the market and train them using state-of-the-art technology to make every effort in keeping them motivated
  2. We are experts at listening and taking your needs seriously so as to offer you cost-efficient solutions aimed at optimizing your security program without sacrificing quality and reliability
  3. We add value to all our programs, products and services to benefit your operations and businesses. We are empathic with your finances and your business environment
  4. We are experienced and certified in the implementation of security programs under international standards and we keep updated based on the latest trends
  5. We have the flexibility and the necessary expertise to adapt each program and service to the needs of each of our clients and to the nature of each business.
  6. We have an international support of the highest level to meet any need, regardless of its magnitude
  7. Our operational structure results in a fluid, efficient and reliable communication that allows us to provide a response to our clients within a reasonable time frame.
  8. We honor all the formal commitments we have assumed with our clients, employees, government, and shareholders (corporate success equation) in a transparent way
  9. Our Code of Ethics is the fundamental basis of our relationships with employees, clients, and suppliers, and it guarantees the incorporation of values to your contract
  10. You will always be in permanent contact (face to face) with the people in charge of solving your problems as well as with the corporate leadership team of the company

Background and International Missions

The outstanding record of efficiency in our service has helped us to build excellent relationships with our clients. We are actively involved in safeguarding facilities, executives, and delegations in different international events such as:

    • World Economic Forum editions for Latin America and the Caribbean
    • Basketball tournaments and pre-world cups organized by the FIBA
    • Rally Dakar editions
    • The XX edition of FIFA 2014 World Cup
    • The summit of Presidents and Heads of State of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR)
    • The meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund
    • Formula One races in Brazil and USA
    • Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games
    • Businessmen meetings within the framework of the Summit of the Americas
    • The “Copa Libertadores” club tournament organized by the FIFA and the Conmebol
    • Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying matches organized by the FIFA and the Conmebol
    • The assumptions of office of the presidents of Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru
    • The meetings held in Ecuador for the peace process in Colombia

Quality & Certifications

We have incorporated into our processes the quality management system under ISO 9001:2015 Standard, ensuring quality standards that help us improve our services on a continuous basis.

The scope of our certification covers the four major security services:

    • Executive Protection
    • Electronic Protection
    • Risk Assessment and Management
    • Physical Security

Version 9001:2015 involves aspects adjusted to each line of business under global standards that integrate and assess the risks in enterprise management. Our consultants are certified in risk management and proper treatment, all of which supports and contributes to the fulfillment of our clients’ goals and strategic purposes.

A reliable strategic partner for your security projects.