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We provide permanent or temporary protection services to personnel with high corporate standards in the commercial industry and/or diplomatic sector, as applicable. A management team supervises each service with a successful history in planning, coordination, and rendering of protection services to VIPs and their families worldwide.

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15 reasons that make the difference in our executive protection services

  1. We are able to provide dynamic protection services for people on foot, in motion, in events, in a motor vehicle or motorcade trips and other means of transport.
  2. Our specialists possess the necessary and appropriate training and have state-of-the-art techniques regarding motor vehicle driving, personnel protection and emergency response.
  3. We have 24/7 operations and emergency response centers with techno-managerial infrastructure and staff capable of managing travel security response services offering quick customized solutions.
  4. Our services are tailored-made and adapted to clients’ requirements in many operating scenarios.
  5. We are constantly evaluating threats and risks in every environment in which we operate so as to implement the most suitable protection measures.
  6. Our specialists cover all the details during planning phase covering intelligence and counterintelligence work, prevention, and protection. The response includes evacuation phases for employees and their families.
  7. We conduct the advance work to ensure each trip is made as planned.
  8. Our fees include backup vehicles and staff in each trip (without raising the mission’s profile) to prevent the executive officer from being exposed or delayed.
  9. We cover all our clients’ needs regardless of their magnitude, without time-consuming bureaucratic procedures and with a sense of urgency.
  10. Both our vehicles and staff are monitored through satellite tracking devices fitted with a proprietary state-of-the-art, robust system with coverage throughout the American continent.
  11. We validate the fulfillment of goals from beginning to end thanks to the most advanced process management platform which is operated in real time assisting and controlling step by step, the activities of the experts in executive protection appointed in each service; this ensures that every client under our responsibility receives the proper security.
  12. We promote mutual liaison programs with public and private security forces to properly manage any incident.
  13. We have medical services available through our service agreements with health centers and private clinics.
  14. Our units are comfortable, modern, strong on the outside and adjusted to our client’s needs.
  15. All our vehicles comply thorough maintenance programs and possess passenger insurance coverage, armor certificates, first aid package and road safety kit, and emergency accessories.

Our Safe Transport, Travel Security and Risk Management services provides protection to companies whose employees and corporate assets are exposed to multiple threats during their business trips and high profile families.

We help companies to successfully cover their moral and legal responsibilities regarding the care and protection of their employees, families, contractors and any other person related to the company; we constantly ensure your welfare and security while working in international missions or remote areas has some kind of risk for you and the people traveling with you. We help you and your company to implement the rigorous process known as (Duty of care).

Duty of care is the legal obligation of a person or organization requiring adherence to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts to avoid the risk of suffering a predictable injury or exposures leading to incidents impacting on their health or resulting in any person being the victim of criminal actions, or the exposure to risks of any nature whatsoever during working hours, as in a business trip of an executive officer to a country or area whose risk levels deserve due care bearing in mind that the burden arises from both acts or omissions.

At WSO, we develop and deploy appropriate travel risk management approaches to protect people against those potential damages, which, in case they are not mitigated, might result in a legal burden for you or the organization you represent.

In the United States alone, there are over one million-business trip a day. If we also consider the fact that international trips are increasing at a fast pace each year as organizations develop their businesses and become aware of the importance of having global presence, this presence also results in increased risks and more frequent incidents.

If you have employees on business trips in your company, their security must be a priority, and we are ready and qualified to help you. If your company has not discussed the (Duty of care) issue yet and the risk associated with business trips made by your employees, it is time to do so. We can provide you with a full checklist that companies may use and adapt it to their own needs. We recommend you to use this checklist to begin a dialog with your legal and risk assessment departments so as to create a policy covering both travelers and the company from any liability.

WSO specializes in travel risk management, including executive protection, travel security, mission agenda and route monitoring, health care, emergency response, crisis management and evacuation plans. We use interactive updated risk maps that include security information in each country, city, or region. WSO assesses and analyzes each threat to plan a secure trip.

We are in permanent contact with:

This is the heart of all our operations, where each service planning, arrangement, direction, coordination, evaluation and control phase takes place and emergency responses are generated should an adverse event occur. WSO’s 24/7 Operations and Emergency Response Centers (CORE 24/7) uses state-of-the-art technology in their equipment, servers, intrusion detection systems (hardware, software), video surveillance systems, global positioning systems (GPS), and process management platforms (WSOTrack®), and other special systems that allow monitoring activities in real time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Each event is analyzed and tracked by certified security experts that will handle any type of emergency regardless of its importance and generate a timely response according to its nature.

It combines technology, human resources, processes, and management tools under a set of rules and procedures clearly established within the framework of a comprehensive operational concept and adaptable to routine, normal or crisis situations. At WSO, we understand and apply the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analize, Implement, and Control) management phylosophy, and WSO’s situation rooms helps to support the existing information systems, generate a strategic monitoring in different scenarios and plan the recovering of the operations under secure conditions, strengthening the resilience of WSO and all our clients.

We use statistics and intelligence protocols for each event aimed to compile security information for our clients and staff so as to promptly alert them of any eventuality, Latest classified information is used to make an analysis of any situation helping in the security assessment that promotes alternative solutions in order to make correct decisions.

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