Professionals with extensive experience in security and risk management

In today’s versatile social, economic, geopolitical and entrepreneurial environment, companies must adapt their models to confront the evolving challenges imposed by new rules and threats. WSO helps you go through this evolution process to improve the operation of your business. We offer solutions that allow organizations to mitigate and manage risks maximizing their performance.

WSO expertise comes from decades of leadership, expertise and hands-on experience in the implementation of solutions (real cases) in complex environments with multiple threats and challenges. The methodology employed by WSO is based on the best practices and internationally recognized standards and it is adjusted to the unique needs of each organization.

Services rendered by WSO generate added value to your processes and provide readily accessible guides that help assess adequate efforts to protect your assets and control any critical process in your environment.

Strategic Corporate Security

Our professionals are certified consultants and strategic analysts highly skilled in the quick and thorough implementation of each security program in different scenarios. As risk management consultants, we can cover the following programs and services:

  • Critical Asset Assessment
  • Threat Identification and Assessment
  • Impact and Likelihood Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Control
  • Risk Identification, Assessment, and Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Critical Process Security
  • Loss Prevention and Control Programs
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Background Check
  • Computer Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA)
  • Information Security
  • Transport and Critical Freight Security
  • Electronic Security Countermeasures
  • Security Training

We protect your interests and help you achieve your strategic objectives

We are interested in becoming a reliable strategic partner for your operations, helping you to meet your strategic goals under the highest quality standards and letting you experience an exceptional service.

We are interested in protecting your brand and interests under the most rigorous and unwavering ethical and professional principles. For years, large companies and corporations have entrusted the control and safeguarding of their assets and the value chain to us. At WSO, we carry out our daily operation in strict compliance with applicable laws and business ethical principles.

All the decisions are made in shareholders’ meetings, a board of directors and managers which in turn creates the corporate governance structure of our company. We are in strict compliance with each and every formal commitment we have assumed with our clients, employees, laws, and shareholders (corporate success equation), all this framed within an environment of transparency and honesty.

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